3 actions to take to improve the energy performance of your home

3 actions to take to improve the energy performance of your home

Date : 10 Janvier 2020 | Source : Écohabitation

Are your heating bills expensive? Considering the improvement of the energy efficiency of your home is an interesting option. You will save considerably each year and your comfort will be greatly improved.

Here are 3 solutions with different degrees of impact for all budgets depending on the desired savings target (from 10% to more than 75%) to take to improve the energy performance of your home:

1. Improve Airtightness
Fixing air leaks is the basic solution to apply first, and it is the most economical one. Why? Because no matter what type of insulation in your home, air leaks will reduce the effectiveness of insulation, undoubtedly. You just have to locate those air leaks by using an air leak detector or with the good old candle trick to likely places: recessed lighting, electrical boxes, wiring elements, joints and junctions, doors and windows, and any other point of entry.

2. Add Insulation
Identify the areas of your house where they are exposed to both interior and exterior elements that could contain a minimum or even non-existent thickness of insulation: exposed floors, projections, attached garage walls, roof, attic space, outside walls soil, basement, foundation walls, etc. Then determine the available space and the type of insulation already in place to establish the best appropriate insulation solution.

3. Replace ENERGY STAR Doors and Windows
Pay attention to the wall-window interface and check the condition of your doors and windows. The older and more worn they are, the more they will cause significant heat loss. Replacing them with ENERGY STAR certified energy efficient models will provide you with substantial energy savings and comfort for many years to come.

All our windows are ENERGY STAR certified.

To help you choose the best solutions for your situation, read the complete article and consult this table of energy saving targets created by CMHC (in french only) here.

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